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Re-designing a not-for-profit website.

Project Overview


Sisterworks is a not-for-profit organisation that supports women who are refugees, asylum seekers, or migrants. Their aim is to improve the women's confidence, mental well-being, sense of belonging, and economic outlook through work and entrepreneurship.

My Role

As a UI/UX designer and team leader, I oversee a group project with two other designers. My responsibilities include conducting user research, creating prototypes, and overseeing the development of final designs.


The goal of this project is to improve Sisterworks' website by updating the design, structure, and content to better reflect the organization's values and help users find information more easily. This will also help engage users with the organization's services and programs.


This project was completed in 4 weeks.

User Research

User Research

During the user research phase of the Sisterworks website redesign project, our main objective was to understand the needs, goals, and expectations of the organisation's target audience. We conducted interviews and surveys with current and potential users to gain insights into their experiences, pain points, and preferences when it comes to using the Sisterworks website.

Our research revealed that users found the current website difficult to navigate and lacked clear and concise information about Sisterworks' services and programs. Additionally, users expressed a desire for a more visually appealing and engaging website that better reflects the organisation's mission and values.

Based on our findings, we developed the following user persona and user journey map to better understand the user experience and identify pain points and opportunities for improvement.

User Persona

image 1.png

User Journey Map

image 2.png
Heuristic Evl

Heuristic Evaluation

In our heuristic evaluation of the Sisterworks website, we found the following areas for improvement:

Lofi prototype

Prototyping and User Testing

After conducting user research and competitor analysis, we developed a low-fidelity prototype of the Sisterworks website. This prototype incorporated an updated information architecture, visual design, and content strategy that addressed the pain points and needs identified during the research phase.

Group 12.png

Feature Prioritisation Matrix

Screenshot 2023-04-18 at 5.30 1.png

Based on the matrix, we determined that:

  • Featuring programs on the homepage,

  • Providing more program details and information,

  • and creating a quick and easy registration process

were the most important features to prioritise.

UI style

UI Style Guide

Group 1.png

We want to create a website that has a clean and modern design that focuses on accessibility, usability, and engagement. The main color palette is inspired by the organization's logos, which features shades of pink and purple. We also incorporated a range of pastel colors to complement the primary colors and enhance the overall visual appeal of the site.

Our design team found inspiration for the Sisterworks website from a variety of sources, including other non-profit organization websites, design blogs, and social media platforms like Pinterest and Behance. We conducted extensive research and analysis of the latest design trends and best practices to ensure that our design choices were both innovative and user-friendly.

UI Style Guide

Sisterworks Case Study.png

To ensure consistency in the visual design, we created a comprehensive UI style guide that outlines the color palette, typography, iconography, and other design elements used throughout the site. This guide serves as a reference for all team members involved in the development and maintenance of the site.

Final Prototype

Final Prototype

Group 13.png

Our team has created a user-friendly website for a diverse audience. We offer both mobile and desktop versions, each optimised for their respective platforms. The mobile version allows for easy on-the-go access, while the desktop version offers a more robust experience. This ensures a seamless experience for all users, regardless of their device or location.

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