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Group travel planning made easy.

Project Overview


Group travel planning can be stressful and time-consuming.


Design a travel planning app that allow users to collaborate in planning their group trip.

My Role

This is an individual project, and my role includes UX researcher and UX/UI designer.


This project was completed in 4 weeks.

User Research

User Research

During the initial phase of creating a travel app, my main objective was to identify the general pain points of travelling.

However, after conducting extensive user research and collecting data, my findings revealed that one of the most significant pain points of travelling is when users have to plan a group trip.This insight was particularly intriguing because users shared that planning a group trip is stressful, time-consuming, and can lead to disagreements among travellers.


Based on my user research, I came up with this user persona since the target users for this app is likely to be young adults who often travel with their friends or families.

Definition & Ideation

User insight statement:
Rachel who wants to plan a trip with her friends, needs a way that allows everyone to collaborate in planning the travel itinerary, because she wants everyone to be able to share their opinions and feels included.

Problem statement:
It is challenging to meet everyone’s availability, needs, and likings when planning a group travel.
How might we make group travel planning less stressful and time-consuming?



As a result, I decided to create an app that would help users who are planning their travels in a group to have a space to collaboratively plan their itinerary together. This app would provide users with a platform to share ideas, discuss travel plans, and make collective decisions to avoid any disagreements or misunderstandings.

Competitor Analysis Matrix


Based on my competitor analysis, i have narrowed down the key features that i want to include in PlanUp!

One of the key features of PlanUp! is the voting function. This feature allows users to vote on different travel options such as activities, restaurants, and accommodations. By doing so, users can quickly and easily come to a collective decision on what to include in their itinerary.

Another feature of PlanUp! is the budget tracker. Group travel can often lead to disagreements over finances, so this feature helps to track expenses and ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding the budget.

Lastly, by linking bookings to the itinerary, users can easily keep track of their travel plans in one place.

User Testing

Low Fidelity User Testing & Feedback


The user testing of the low-fidelity prototype was successful, as all users were able to complete the given tasks successfully.

However, I received several feedback to improve the user experience even further, which I input into a Feature Prioritisation Matrix as seen below.

Feature Prioritisation Matrix


Based on the feature prioritisation matrix, I focused on incorporating a group chat function into the high-fidelity prototype, which should enhance the collaborative aspect of travel planning.


This feature will allow users to communicate with each other in real-time, exchange ideas, and make collective decisions about their itinerary.

Final Prototype

Final Prototype

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