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Never let your dinner gets cold again!
CineMatch helps you decide what to watch.

Project Overview


With the increase number of streaming platforms, it can be overwhelming to pick what to watch.


To create an app that helps users to decide what to watch, based on their likes and dislikes.

My Role

As a project leader, my role was to delegate tasks to my team members and ensure positive and collaborative work environment. 


This project was completed in 4 weeks.

User Research

User Research

The Problem:

Current movie and TV platforms lack personalisation, often emphasising popular titles and making it hard for niche content enthusiasts to discover new shows. Users also struggle when their desired content isn't available on their streaming service.


An app that enables users to explore, rate, and review content, receive personalised recommendations, and connect with others for discussion. It also suggests the best streaming services for each user, potentially saving money by avoiding unnecessary subscriptions.

Definition & Ideation

Based on our user research, we identified several features and functionalities that address users' pain points and preferences.

Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 3.44.50 pm.png

Personalised Recommendations: 

  • The feature allows users to rate movies/TV shows they have watched

  • Utilise advanced algorithms to analyse users' viewing history and preferences to curate personalised movie/TV show recommendations

Definition & Ideation

Informative details: 


  • Provide comprehensive information about each suggested title, including synopsis, cast, ratings, and trailers.

  • Display availability across various streaming services, enabling users to easily find where to watch their selected title.

Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 3.49.07 pm.png
Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 3.59.43 pm.png

"Surprise Me" Function:

  • Implement a unique feature allowing users to discover new content effortlessly

  • Utilise machine learning to suggest a random movie/TV show tailored to the user's preferences

User Testing

User Testing

The user testing of the low-fidelity prototype was successful, as all users were able to complete the given tasks successfully.

However, we received several feedback to improve the user experience even further, which we will incorporate into our hi-fi prototype.


Dislike rate.png



1. To make the app more accessible, we have added the like and dislike buttons on top of the swiping motions

2. Based on user feedback, users would like to share and view other's rating. Thus, we added a new function where users can now add their friends to share and view their' ratings

Final Prototype

Final Prototype

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